Sweep away bad breath bacteria in just 10 seconds with the TonguePro, for instantly fresh, kissable breath!

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Did you know that 90% of bad breath is caused by bacteria on your tongue?

That's right - it doesn't matter how good your tooth brushing is, if you don't clean your tongue then you're leaving all that smelly bacteria and mucous gunk behind - uggghhhh!

With the TonguePro you can sweep it all away in seconds - for instantly long-lasting fresher breath. Your mouth will have never felt so clean, and you'll be ready for those tongue-out selfies

TonguePro: Designed to be the world's most advanced tongue cleaner

Instantly fresher breath

Tongue cleaning removes the cause of 90% of bad-breath

More taste

Food and drink tastes much better, with a mucous-free and clean tongue

Be selfie-ready

Don't be afraid to stick your tongue out in photos - be proud of your beautiful, clean, pink tongue

Takes seconds to do

Tongue cleaning is easy and super-fast! All it takes is less than 10 seconds after brushing

Fresh breath in less than 10 seconds

Use TonguePro twice daily, after tooth brushing

  1. Tongue out

    After brushing, stick your tongue out and holding the legs with 2 hands, place the TonguePro as far back on your tongue as you can

  2. Sweep

    Gently pull forward, sweeping away smelly bacteria and tongue gunk

  3. Repeat

    Repeat as necessary, it takes less than 10 seconds to fully clean your tongue with the TonguePro


    When you've finished, simply rinse under the tap with cold water and stand your TonguePro and allow to dry

Hi - I'm James! Working as a dentist I saw so many patients who despite brushing twice a day, still didn't have that "fresh mouth" feeling and often complained about bad breath. As up to 90% of bad breath is caused by bacteria on your tongue, I always advised tongue cleaning - but the problem was that there were no good tongue cleaners available to recommend...

I therefore designed the TonguePro to be the ultimate tongue cleaner - one that I could finally recommend to my patients: super fast, efficient, yet kind and gentle on sensitive tongues. After 21 prototypes and lot's of testing, we hit upon the perfect design: the TonguePro!

Dr James Belcher (BDS Hons)

2-Pack for only $9.99, including free shipping via Amazon Prime

Each pack contains 2 x TonguePro's; in Aqua and Mist colours. We recommend changing your TonguePro once every 6 months for maximum hygiene and effectiveness.